Google use a system called Pay Per Click on their Ads. This means that for every click on the Google Ads, the advertiser pays Google a sum of money.

The way the adverts are priced is through a silent bidding process. Google offers a rough idea of how much other users are spending to have their website appear in the Ad section, you then input what you are willing to spend and every time a user clicks on the advert, the money is transferred to Google.

This model works really well for quick results. Because you are paying only for the traffic the adverts are converting, it means, if you have a firm understanding of your website’s conversion rate, you can accurately predict how much each lead / sale will cost and bid accordingly.

A powerful part of Google Adwords model is that you can specifically target users in certain demographics, most importantly, location.



Google Adwords Map


Modern Google sees millions of searches every month using the ‘near me’ command i.e. ‘Plumber Near Me’. For an SEO, the best way to target these searches is using Google Maps and optimising for local SEO, however with Google Adwords, you can target users in a specified area that are searching anything relevant to your service.

This means that every click on your advert has an inherit value as you can ensure that each user you pay Google to visit your website, is a highly targeted potential customer.




Google Keyword IdeasSet Up

Setting up your adwords account is perhaps the most tricky but important part. Each keyword needs to be assessed for;

  1. The amount of traffic it produces.
  2. How relevant the keyword is.
  3. The cost of the advert.

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You then need to attach the most relevant page to the advert in order to ensure the highest possible conversion rate (if a user is searching for a service, the page they click through too must be relevant or the user will leave the website and not convert). Google also has quality scores for its Ads to keep its index clean of irrelevant websites. If too many users exit your page as the content didn’t match what they were searching for, Google will remove you from the ad and make their index more expensive for you.

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Web DesignManagement of Account

Constant review and management of the account is needed throughout the use of Google Adwords. Due to the real time nature of pay per click, prices change based on what business’s are willing to pay. If a keyword is not converting for your competitor, they may remove their advert, meaning you, without editing your account, will appear at the top for an unsuccessful keyword. When you are at the top, you naturally generate more clicks,

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meaning you spend more money on a low converting keyword.

The other side is search volume. As search evolves, new keywords start to receive more and more traffic that other business’s have not yet identified. We constantly review every campaign we run, and are on the look out for the most cost effective keywords to drive relevant traffic to your website and convert you a great ROI.

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Return On Investment

We charge between 10% – 20% of total spend for our Google Adwords management campaigns. When evaluating whether working with us will generate you a good ROI, the answer is simple.

We need to add a minimum of 10% – 20% of value to your Adwords campaign. We can. Get in contact and we’ll give you some references.!