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Search engine optimisation is the process of editing/adapting your website in order to have it appear on the first pages of search engines such as Google.

SEO is an effective marketing technique allowing you to realise precise, targeted traffic towards your website through users searching specific terms relating to the service/product you offer. More visibility, more clicks, more traffic, more sales!

Regardless of whether you are looking to be found on a national scale or if you are just looking for local SEO in Sussex (or anywhere else for that matter), being found on Google is becoming a more and more important area of modern marketing.

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If you have come accross that obnoxious guy on the train yelling ‘OK GOOGLE’ at his phone, unfortunately, if you haven’t optimised your website for Google, it will be your competitor he’ll find.

Statistics show that 80% of Internet users, use search engines to begin their research into purchasing

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Understanding Your Business

Google has been updating and adding to their algorithm for years. There are more than 250 ranking factors that need to be considered when starting an SEO campaign. The first step is getting to know you. Once we have a clear understanding of your business, we can tailor a strategy around you and start knocking down Google’s ranking pillars one by one. Below is a long list highlighting a small chunk of the important ranking factors;

Examples of key ranking factors

HTML Header

Title Tags

Meta Description Tags

Body Content

Header Tags

Keyword Consistency

Amount of Content

Image Alt Attributes



XML Sitemaps

Mobile Friendliness

Page Speed

Server Response Time

Page Size

Image Optimisation


SSL Security

GZIP Compression

Link Building

Number of links

Link Quality

On-Page Link Structure

Broken Links

Social Media Signals

(The list goes on..)



Google My Business

Local SEO in Sussex

Local SEO starts with Google My Business. To be found in your area, a page (like the one to my right), needs to be created and included in Google maps.

This allows users to search for services ‘near them’ to find you. As search and SEO evolves and users migrate to mobile, the Yellow Pages way of looking up a word like ‘plumber’ or ‘Restaurant’ to locate a provider is becoming a thing of the past. Users now search ‘plumbers near me’ or ‘restaurants near me’ to locate services.

[“Restaurant near me” is searched 550,000 times every month]

In addition to this, with the rise of Siri and OK Google, users now ask Google questions. If a user searches “where is the nearest dry cleaners” Google must know how close your business is the user and that your services match what the user is asking. To be found through this type of search, telling Google your location and being clear about your service is imperative.

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Location pages for local SEO are still the most effective and quick. If you are looking for SEO in Sussex, you likely are looking to target customers in Sussex. As part of your campaign, we would create pages based on the locations you are targeting, starting with the URL of the page. If you are a Chiropractor, creating a URL such as would be the first step, after which, we will have that page screaming to Google that you offer Chiropractic services in Sussex.

This is obviously a simplified version of the process but hopefully you get the jist. To create your own Google My Business profile, The Armchair Athletes offer this at a flat fee of £95. To price a local SEO campaign, we need to learn more about you.

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SEO AnalyticsReporting

Reporting is an integral part of any SEO campaign. With all the jargon attached to any digital campaign, it is important that we report back on the important stuff.

We report every month on overall website traffic to show you how many users are visiting your website, whether they are new or returning visitors, how many pages they view, how long they stay on the site for, which pages they visit, which pages they typically exit on and where the user is

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sourced (SEO, Adwords, Direct, Social etc.). This offers great insight into which pages are most effective at attracting customers, converting customers and the pages that customers exit on. Using this data we can consistently improve your website and perfectly match the pages with what your visitors are looking for.

We will also keep you updated on what keywords we are tracking, where your website ranks on those keywords, which keywords generate you the most targeted traffic, what devices your visitors are using, their location, their average age and much more.

All reports are completely customisable to ensure we only report on the bits that you are interested in. Of course, full reporting is included in every campaign we offer, not just SEO, as should be expected.

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National SEONational SEO

To grow out of your Sussex SEO campaign and start building a national SEO position, takes time and commitment. But, the more you push, the more you pull. Over 70% of Armchair Athletes clients are engaged in national campaigns right now.

The majority of business’s do not need to limit themselves to their geographic location and a business that has the ability to target the whole country, has a lot more marketing opportunity, especially with online marketing.

If you are a property sourcer, every month 12,100 people are searching ‘houses for sale in London’, but, 450,000 people are looking for ‘houses for sale’. Every month 2,900 people are looking for ‘cars for sale in London’, but,

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201,000 people are looking for ‘cars for sale’.

Yes, the returns are higher for national SEO, but the competition is thicker. We always recommend to our clients that they start with local campaigns and less competitive national keywords, allowing them to build up their SEO position whilst simultaneously generating smaller website traffic and sales. This creates a gradual process that creates an ROI whilst growing SEO.

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